... THE COLORS & design of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside, don’t be afraid of colors, colors will shine your life.

At The Difference is in the details the difference really is in the details. Specialized in design and execution, The Difference is in the details is managed by Maya Al Amin . We offer complete architectural, engineering, interior design and design-build services. Based in Beirut, we are the choice of discerning clients throughout Lebanon.

Professionalism, passion and the drive to offer more embody the essence of The Difference is in the details. People are at the heart of our work. We bond with clients to ensure we have profound insight into their preferences and approach design as something linked to the human psyche. This is why we create personalized spaces that speak to the soul, exude a welcoming atmosphere and have unique personality.


Headed by Maya Al Amin, our team of interior decorators and designers at our Beirut office offer you turnkey solutions and thorough project management support (from procurement and budget management to execution). The highly skilled and experienced professionals at The Difference is in the details can successfully handle interior design projects of any size, from small scale remodeling to large-scale renovations.

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